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The MILF Club – Part One: THE SEDUCTION by IdleHands69
Fiction, Drug, First Time, Male / Older Female, Masturbation, Reluctance, Toys, Virginity, Voyeurism, Young
Author’s infos
Gender: male Age: N/A Location: N/A
Posted Tue 17th of May 2011

Dennis goes over to his friend’s house after his parents have a fight. His friend isn’t home, but his friend’s mother is.
***WARNING – This story is a bit long (7 typed pages), but I hope you enjoy it***
Cindy had just settled down with a trashy novel and her sex toy. It was the end of a long work week and she had just made it home before it started raining. Her son had just left to spend two weeks with his father (her ex) and she finally had the house to herself. She smoked a bowl of her favorite weed, ate light dinner with some wine and took a long hot bubble-bath. After slipping into her satin camisole and shorts outfit, turning on her reading lamp, turning off the bedroom light, and after a couple more hits off her pipe she slipped into bed and prepared to remove the last holdouts of tension in her body.
As she started reading she brought her hand up and began to massage her breasts. She loved the feelings pot caused her body as she softly ran her finger tips over her satin covered breasts. She took her time as she had all night. Normally she had to be careful when her son was at home because she knew how loud she got when she climaxed. The last thing she wanted to do was turn-on her teenage son.
As she read, she softly stroked her breasts, first one then the other. Her breath was starting to deepen and she could feel that familiar ‘itch’ inside of her. She then began to pinch and pull at on of her nipples. Her breath caught and her back arched slightly at this new feeling.
She put the book down and brought her other hand up and started caressing both breasts. Soon she was pinching, pulling, and teasing her hardening nipples. Her breath deepened further and her back suddenly arched as a tingling feeling shot through her. She let go of one nipple and slid her hand under her short satin top. She brushed her finger over her breast to begin softly pinching and pulling at the nipple again. She loved the different feeling of a hand touching one breast over the silky top and the other directly on her other breast skin-to-skin.
As her breathing began to quicken she slid one hand down her stomach and over her satin shorts. When it reached the top of her pussy mound, the tip of one finger lightly brushed over her clitoris and her back arched suddenly. Her breath caught in her throat as a wave of electric pleasure shot through her. She then began to slowly trace her fingers downward. By the time she reached the base of her mound, the fingers of her other hand had her nipple in a vise-like grip and a soft moan escaped her lips. She extended her middle finger slowly traced it downward over her swollen lips. When it reached the base of her pussy she reversed its direction trace upward. She continued this motion until she felt the outer lips of her mound begin to part, and as her finger continued its path she felt the fabric beneath begin to moisten.
As she continued running her finger up and down along the length of her pussy lips it began to plow deeper and the fabric soon went from moist to wet. Quickly she pulled the fabric aside and plunged her finger deep inside of her. Again her back arched and, “Ooohhh…,” she moaned as she began to thrust her finger in and out between her swollen, wet lips. Quickly, she found her toy, flipped the little switch and suddenly, “ZZZZZZZZZZZ” she felt that familiar vibration in her hand. Bringing the toy downward she let it come to rest at the top of her mound, just above her sensitive clitoris.
“Aaahhh….” She gasped loudly as the toy’s tip came to rest against her skin, not touching her clitoris, but it was close enough to stimulate it. Slowly she traced the toy around her love-button while her finger continued probing inside of her. Closer and closer the tip of the toy got to her clit as the semi-circles she traced got smaller and smaller. She moaned softly as slowly she let a second finger begin to slip over the edge of her wet lips to join the first. She started massaging her breast harder as the second finger was now fully inside her and moving unison with the first. Her breathing deepened and another moan escaped her as a third finger slowly began to slip inside her. She pinched her nipple and began to slowly twist as the tip of her vibrating toy circled closer and closer to her overly sensitive clit. Suddenly…
“…ZZZzZZZzZZZzzZZZzzZZZzz…”, ‘Oh no,’ she thought as the vibrator began to falter.
“ZZzZzZzZzzz.zzz.zzz..zzz..zzz..zz..zz..zz…zz…z…z…”, ‘No, no, no’ quickly she shook the toy, “…zzz…..zz……zz……” “NOOOOOO”, she screamed as the toy gave its last vibration and then went still in her hand. “Damn, damn, damn it!” Cindy thought she had changed the batteries recently.

She quickly rolled out of bed, toy in hand, flipped on the lights and headed for her dresser. After finding nothing in the drawers (and a couple more ‘damn its’) she went straight for Bobby’s room. ‘With all of his electronic gadgets he had to have spare batteries laying around,’ she thought. Flipping on the lights in Bobby’s room she quickly searched high and low, throwing things left and right in her frustration, but couldn’t find a single battery.
Out of Bobby’s room she went, down the hallway, and then down the stairs into the living room. Light from the street lamp softly illuminated the room through the sheer inner curtains. Moving with a purpose she hurried into the pantry, flipping on the light as she went. On one of the shelves she found what she was looking for. Opening the box she dumped a several fresh batteries into her hand. But as she turned to head back to her room, “Damn it all to hell!” she shouted. She threw the AAA batteries back onto the shelf then reached for another box. It was empty. “Damn it Bobby!” she screamed in her frustration. ‘He must have taken them with him for his damn trip!’ she realized. As she walked out of the pantry she tried to remember what else in the house would need that size battery, then it hit her.
Back into the living room she went. There was enough light coming in through the window to make out the furniture, but not enough for her to find what she was looking for. Flipping light switch she spotted the TV remote laying on the couch, next to the window. She snatched the remote up, dumped the old batteries out of her toy, and replaced them with the ones from the remote. Flipping the little switch she was rewarded with a steady, “ZZZZZ…”. Smiling triumphantly, she turned to walk back upstairs when, “DING DONG!”

Cindy jumped at the unexpected sound. It took her herb altered brain a moment to process the fact that someone was at the door. As she slowly turned towards the door she heard it again, “DING DONG!”
‘Who could that be?’ she asked herself. Slowly she began walking towards the door. She looked thru the recognized one of Bobby’s friends. As she reached for the door handle she realized she was still holding the toy and it was still vibrating. She quickly turned it off and looked for somewhere to hide it. Dashing into the den she placed in on the computer desk before returning to the door. “DING-DONG!” again, just as she reached the front door. She paused, and then opened it.
“Dennis, what are you doing here tonight? Bobby is with his father for summer vacation.” As she said this she noticed that Dennis’ clothes and backpack were soaking wet from the rain.
“I’m sorry Mrs. Johnson, I forgot he’d be gone for a couple of weeks. It’s just that…well,” Dennis looked down at his feet.
“Your parents are fighting again, aren’t they?” She asked. Cindy knew Dennis’ parent from around the neighborhood, and even though they were a great couple they did seem to fight a lot. Bobby and Dennis were best friends, and she didn’t mind it when he sought refuge at their home. He was a good kid, polite, well-mannered, the kind of friend she wanted Bobby to hang around with. He was also an attractive young man, tall with an athletes build (she seen him without his shirt many times). At that thought a light shiver raced up her spine and she suddenly remembered her state of arousal. Blushing, she made a quick decision.
“Well come in before you catch something. You can hang out in Bobby’s room until things cool down at your house.” she said as she let him in. “And I’m sure you can borrow some of his clothes until yours are dry.”
“Thank you Mrs. Johnson and I promise not to be a bother,” he replied still looking down. As he started to head towards the stairs Cindy suddenly remembered two things; one, she had trashed Bobby’s room trying to find batteries for her toy. And two, Bobby’s room was too close to her own!
“Wait a minute Dennis, Bobby left his room a mess so why don’t you just hang out the den. You can watch TV or play on the computer if you like, I’ll bring you something dry to wear.”
“Thank you Mrs. Johnson, but really you don’t have to go to all that trouble, I’ll be fine,” he said.
“It’s no problem Dennis, I’ll be back in a moment,” she replied as she turned to go to the stairs.

As she moved past one of the full length mirrors in the entryway she remembered she was only wearing a pair of satin short-shorts and with a matching midriff length top. The cool night air from the open door had her nipples as hard as rocks and poking-out quite noticeably against the material of her top. And that she had been standing right in front of her son’s best friend looking like this! To make matters worse, thru the mirror she could see her Dennis checking her out as she walked away. The look of awe and wonder on his face confirmed that he had noticed these things too. ‘No wonder he kept looking down,” she thought, ‘but he’s not looking down now!’ She thought. Blushing, she raced up the stairs to get out of his view. When she reached the top of the stair she could help but turn and look over her shoulder. Sure enough, that was Dennis staring up at her with his mouth hanging open.
Quickly she made her way to Bobby’s room, but as she continued to think about the young man staring at her semi-clad body she was hit by a full body shiver. As the wave of passion washed over her she realized she needed to finish what she had started.
She began to head back towards her room when she remembered Dennis needed something dry to wear. A tingly feeling shot thru her body at the thought of the handsome young man waiting in her den. Quickly she found one of Bobby’s large t-shirts and a pair of sweat shorts. She race to her room and grabbed her short bathrobe and threw it on. It wasn’t until she was half way down the stairs that she realized the little tie was not with the robe. She decided just to hold the front closed.

She entered the den and saw that Dennis had removed his wet shirt. When he noticed her he quickly turned away from her, but not before she noticed a large bulge in the front of his wet jeans. Blushing, she turned her head away and headed over to the computer desk. But as she approached the desk her heart nearly stopped! There, sitting in plain sight, was her toy. She practically threw the clothes onto the desk in her attempt to reach and hide her plaything. She quickly grabbed the toy and tried to hide it from his view by turning to stand between him and the desk. She almost dropped it as she hid it behind her back. When she finally had it tightly gripped in both hands she found herself facing the wide-eyed stare of a very handsome, bare-chested, and obviously dumbfounded young male. He was staring intently at her open robe and had half turned, giving her another view of the bulge in his pants. ‘He obviously likes what he sees,’ she thought, and another tingle raced thru her body.
Before Cindy could react Dennis began to blush and suddenly turned away. “I’m sorry Mrs. Johnson, I didn’t mean to stare,” he stammered out.
Somewhat flattered that she could still have such an affect on a young man Dennis’ age she said, “That’s alright Dennis, it’s perfectly natural for a young man to be curious about a woman’s body.” Should found herself blushing at her bold statement, but she felt such a rush at the same time.
“I’m sorry, it’s just that you’re…so…attractive.” Again he blushed and put his head down. Cindy regarded the young man as he stood there. Yes, he was a man indeed. Another shiver coursed thru her and she decided she needed to leave the den.
“Well Dennis, we need to get those wet clothes into the dryer, so I’ll give you a few minutes to change. Then I’ll come back and put your clothes in the dryer, and they should be done in about forty-five minutes or so.” As she said all this Dennis kept trying to sneak glances her direction. She didn’t bother closing her bathrobe as she was really enjoying the attention.
“Thank you, Mrs. Johnson. Would it be alright if I stayed here in the den tonight? I mean, my parents were really going at it when I left and told them I was going over to Bobby’s house. I know they wouldn’t mind…I mean if it’s OK with you, that is.” As Dennis said this he seemed to be getting bolder. Now he was at least looking at her as he talked. Of course with each glance he would look at her body a little more before looking back at her face or turning away and blushing.
“Of course you can stay in the den tonight, Dennis. In fact, I’ll go get you a blanket and pillow while you change.” Cindy watched as his face lit up a bit and he looked full at her this time. When his eyes shifted downward Cindy basked at his admiration of her figure. He looked up and began to blush again, but this time he didn’t turn away from her. She smiled deeply and turned to fetch the blanket and pillow, but not before she looked at his crotch and showed her own admiration.
She walked down the darkened hallway a little ways, stopping a closet to find an extra blanket and pillow, leaving her toy on the shelf. From half way down the hallway you could see into the middle of the den. And as she approached she saw that Dennis had just gotten his wet jeans off. She knew he couldn’t see her because she had ‘accidently’ spied on Bobby this same way, so she watched.
As Dennis took off his jeans he looked towards the doorway. She watched as he decided he was safe. When he took off his wet boxers his dick spring upwards like a flagpole. He couldn’t help it, he was young and probably always horny. And she was sure her outfit had something to do with that. He reached for the sweat shorts she had left for him. When he on she realized his hard-on was still visible. Cindy waited another moment before coming back. “I’m back, are you decent?” she called out.
“Yes…I’m dressed,” he called out to her. She came in and traded him his wet clothes for the blanket and pillow. During the exchange his armed accidently brushed against her one of her breasts. It lasted only a moment, but as his arm brushed across the front her breast and over her sensitive, hard nipple she couldn’t help it as another shiver caused her body to visibly tremble.
“I’m so sorry Mrs. Johnson, I honestly didn’t mean to…to touch your…to touch you like that!” Dennis said, but he couldn’t take his eyes off Cindy’s chest.
When Cindy finally regained her composure she said, “It’s OK Dennis, accidents happen. I need to let you get back to the TV..,” then she noticed he hadn’t turned the TV on yet, “…or whatever you had planned to do. I’ll be up stairs for the evening, good night.” With that she turned and walked out.

As Cindy walked by the hall closet she grabbed her toy and headed upstairs. Once in her room she shut the door, turned off the bedroom light and jumped back in bed. She was so turned-on by her encounter in the den that she didn’t even bother removing her robe. But she did remove her short-shorts, sliding them off her body and kicking them to the floor in one fluid motion. She flipped the switch on her toy and, “ZZZZZZZZZZ…”
Without hesitating she placed the tip of the toy at the entrance of her pussy and began to slowly push it in. She was wet from anticipation and excitement, and thoughts of the young, hard male down stairs in her den added to that excitement. His hungry eyes taking in her body, the touch of his arm against her breast, and his hard manhood standing straight up fueled her need. Her back arched as the toy’s vibrations sent a wave of pleasure up her spine. She continued to push as the toy moved with ease farther up inside her. When the toy was finally fully inside her she slowly began to pull it back out. Her breath deepened and her eyes closed as the feelings of pleasure began to build. And when she had pulled the toy was almost completely out of her, she pushed it upward again. She continued until she had found just the right pace.
As she continued moving the toy in and out of her eager pussy, her mind kept drifting to the image of Dennis removing his boxers in her den. “Ooh…..” The way he looked at her body as she stood there in front of him. “Ooh…….ooh……” The feel of his arm as it brushed across her sensitive nipple. “Oooh……oooh…..”
With the fingers of her other hand she reached down and began to lightly brush over her clit. Her body stiffened slightly at that touch, but she never slowed the progress of her toy’s movement, in and out of her very wet pussy. She began to pick up the pace of the toy as her fingers continued to tease her ‘love-button.’
She pictured Dennis again as he stared at her breasts thru her silky top. She picked up the pace with the toy just a little.
She could feel his gaze as he focused on her hard nipples poking out in front of her flimsy top. Her fingers pressed a little harder on her clit.
She watched at as he walked closer to her, just staring down at the two hard bumps her nipples made the soft material of the top. She increased the pace of the toy inside her a little more.
His hands reached up to touch her breasts thru the soft fabric. She began to rub her clit harder as she forced the toy into herself harder.
His strong hands began to massage each breast. As she thrust the toy into her more urgently slowly she began to rock her hips.
She felt the fingers from his hands began to close around her nipples. Her fingers rubbed even harder against her clit and her hips were rocking more forcefully against the toy. Suddenly, “ZZZzZZzzZzzz.zz.z..z…z…..”
NOOOOO!” she shouted! She kept thrusting the toy up into her and rubbing her clit is the hope that she could finish herself off, she was soooo close. She needed release, NOW! She pulled the toy from her pussy, and then hit it. When that didn’t work she hit it again, several times. “DAMN, DAMN, DAMN IT!” Again she shouted before throwing the toy down on her bed.
As she lay there panting, her chest still heaving from her excitement, she furiously search the house in her mind in the hope of finding more batteries, ‘I NEED more batteries. Where in the hell could they be?’ She tried to image everything in the house that used AA batteries, but she kept coming back to Bobby’s gadgets. ‘Damn that boy for taking all of my batteries,’ she thought to herself. Then she thought, ‘Dennis had his backpack with him when he walked in. I know he has some of those same gadgets as Bobby has.’

Without a second thought she bounded out of bed and was on her way down the stairs. Passing thru the living-room she caught a quick glance of herself in the full length mirror and remembered to close her robe. As she reached the hallway leading to the den she slowed her pace. About half down the hallway she could see that Dennis was sitting at the computer desk. Something told her to stop, so she stood there a moment just watching his back. She could not see his right hand, but it looked like he had moved the mouse to the other side of the key board and was using it left-handed. She couldn’t make out what was on the screen, but she had a sudden feeling of ‘déjà vu’. As she slowly approached the doorway she realized that his right hand was somewhere below the desk top, and his arm was slowly moving up and down.
‘Oh My…’ she thought as she realized what he was doing! She crept closer to the doorway until she was standing just outside of the room. Prying her eyes off Dennis’ arm she scanned the room for his backpack. When she eyes came to the large TV screen she saw his image reflected it, and she clearly saw his hand stroking himself. She stood transfixed as his hand slowly stroked up and then down the length of his hard-on.
Captivated by the sight she slowly moved into the room, watching his reflection as she went. She didn’t know what she was going to do, but she felt a strong urge almost pulling her into the room. As she moved towards to him she started to lose sight of his reflected image on the TV screen. She was now looking directly at him as she continued walking towards him. Over his shoulder she saw computer monitor, and that he was looking at a nude woman. Every so often he clicked the mouse and the image changed, this time showing a different woman. She was close enough now to see his arm moving up and down at steady pace. She looked at the monitor again as a new image popped up. She realized that these were women about her age, all of them.
A few more images came and went until he paused at one in particular. She saw the rhythm of his strokes increase slightly. She watched as he maneuvered the mouse and clicked on that image. Suddenly a group of smaller images, all featuring the same woman, appeared on the monitor. He selected the first and it opened to its full size. His hand began to stroke a little faster as he viewed the image and as she looked at the image she was shocked to realize how much this woman looked like her. The woman’s hair color, style and length were pretty close to her own. Even her build was similar, although the woman’s breasts were a just a little larger than her own. Each new image showed the woman in a different position in what appeared to be a home. The next picture caused Dennis to speedup his pace again. This picture showed the woman wearing only a small apron and bent over a kitchen sink doing dishes.

Cindy hadn’t realized how sexually charged she was becoming just watching Dennis’ reaction to the woman who looked like her until a soft moan escaped her lips. Dennis sat straight up and whipped his head around to see her standing behind him.
“Oh shit…I’m mean…I’m sorry Mrs. Johnson…I…was just, um…” Dennis turned back towards the computer and quickly pulled the sweat shorts up over his hard-on. Cindy suddenly felt guilty for putting him in such an awkward situation and causing him such embarrassment. She moved forward and put her hands on his shoulders to try and calm him.
“Its OK Dennis, it’s perfectly natural for you to be curious about a woman’s body. It’s just part of human biology.” She tried to say in a motherly fashion. But right now, with her hands on his broad, firm shoulders she wasn’t sure if her voice was giving away what she was really feeling.
“I’m sorry about…you know…the other thing.” He said as he hunched forward even more to hide his erection.
“Dennis, the “other thing” is just another part of that curiosity.” She said, “There’s nothing wrong with that curiosity, as long as it’s used properly.” She waited to see his reaction.
“Yes Ma’am…I understand.” Dennis responded. Cindy couldn’t bring herself to let go of his shoulders just yet, so she decided to take the conversation in a different direction.
“So, with all the pretty young girls on the internet why are you looking at a woman close to my age?” Cindy found herself gently massaging his shoulders. She liked the feel of his firm muscles beneath her fingers and the affect it was having on her.
“Um…I don’t know, I just…kinda like looking at older…I’m mean at women instead of girls, I guess.” He still seemed a bit nervous, but Cindy didn’t want to quit this just yet.
“So what is it about this particular woman that caught your attention?” She asked, honestly curious to hear his answer.
“Well, she’s pretty and…well, she kinda reminds me of someone.” He said looking down again.
“Someone who excites you I take?” She asked. When he only nodded she continued. “Someone you’d like to see naked?” Again he only nodded. “Have you ever seen a woman, a real woman naked before?” She could feel her breathing starting to deepen as she played this game of ‘cat & mouse’.
“No…not a real woman, not in real life I mean.” He answered. As Cindy continued to massage his shoulders she felt her need building. She wasn’t sure if she could get him to admit who the woman on the monitor reminded him of, and at this point she didn’t care.
“Dennis, if you were offered the chance to look at a naked woman in real life would you take it?” Cindy held her breath.
“Um…yes.” He hesitantly answered. Cindy hadn’t realized that she had already made this decision when she first saw him masturbating, until now.
Letting go of his shoulders she took a couple of steps back and said, “Dennis, please turn around.” When Dennis didn’t move she said, “Dennis, it’s alright…turn and look at me.”
Slowly, Dennis turned the swivel chair are around with his head looking downward. As he raised his head Cindy smiled as she watched his face turned beet red. His jaw slowly fell open as he continued to stare. Cindy’s smile faltered slightly when she realized his gaze had not traveled all the way to her breasts, but stopped at her waist. Slowly, she lowered her own eyes and then it was her turn to blush. In her haste to find batteries she forgot to put her shorts back on. After a moment she regained her composure and looked back at Dennis. “Come here.”
Dennis took two hesitant steps towards her, and then stopped. His hands were still in front of the bulge in his shorts. After a moment he raised his head and looked into her eyes. “So…you’ve never seen real woman naked before now, huh? So it’s safe to say that you’ve never touched one before either?” Dennis shook his head. Cindy reached up and lifted her mid-drift top, exposing her breasts. “Would you like to,” she asked.

Slowly, Dennis raised both of his hands, and then he reached out placed them on her breasts. A bolt of pleasure coursed thru Cindy’s body as his hands grasped her sensitive breasts. She almost laughed as her sudden intake of breath startled him. She watched as he started to breathe a little deeper, just holding her breasts in his hands and staring them. Slowly he pried his eyes off of them and looked at her face. “You can do more than just hold them, if you like?” Cindy asked as she tried to sound calm. Dennis started massaging her breasts and he looked up at face again as another sharp intake of breath caught his attention. As his hands started moving over her breasts she reached down and began to stroke his dick thru his shorts. She felt Dennis’ hands falter in their exploration of her breasts and she saw a look of pleasure spread over his face.
She continued to stroke him thru his shorts until his fingers found her nipples. He began pinching them and pulling them and she gasped at the feeling. She saw him smile as he watched her face and continued to squeeze and pull on her rock hard nipples. Her own breathing was starting to deepen and she felt her body react to the feelings of being touched by a ‘lover’ for the first time since her divorce. She let go of his dick, reached into his shorts and grabbed it again, this time both of them gasped. It had been a long time since she had held a hard dick in her hand and the feeling sent another jolt of pleasure thru her body. And she could tell that he was enjoying this as much as she was, maybe more. She loved feeling his naked dick in her bare hand and as she began to stroke it his attention to her breasts again faltered a little. As she watched the look of wonder on his face she reached up with her free hand and guided one of his hands from her breast to her pussy mound. When his fingers brushed against her pubic hair she let go of his hand.

His gaze had followed his hand downward and he stared as his fingers started to brush lightly over the soft hair covering her pussy. She watched as he continued to look down at his hand as he began to run his fingers thru her pubic hair. By the time he looked back up at her she was having a hard time controlling her breathing. When he looked into her eyes all she could do was nod to him. Looking back down he pushed his fingers thru her pubic hair and began stroking her pussy lips directly. Suddenly she felt her knees start to buckle. Letting go of his dick she grabbed his shoulders with both hands to steady herself. Her breath was now coming in short gasps and she couldn’t believe how excited she felt. It had been too long since she’d been pleasured by something other than her toy and her own fingers.
As his fingers continued to explore her pussy she looked into his eyes. He was watching with a half smile mixed with wonder on his face. He looked down for a moment and back up into her eyes again. His smile started spreading into a wide grin. ‘He’s obviously pretty pleased with himself,’ she thought. Suddenly he leaned forward, bringing his face closer to hers. When he hesitated, as if he wasn’t sure if he should, she leaned forward and kissed him. Her hands left his shoulders and grabbed the sides of his head and pulled him into her kiss. ‘He may be new to a woman’s body, but he does know how to kiss,’ she decided. Her tongue parted his lips and his tongue was there to meet hers. They were dancing around each other’s mouths when she felt him suddenly push a finger up inside her. Breaking away from their kiss she threw her arms around his neck to keep from falling. And as her knees began to buckle she felt his hand let go of her breast and his arm circle around her back to hold her up. She clung to his neck as a second finger found its way inside her.

“Oh Dennis…” is all she managed to gasp as she held onto him for dear life. With her face pressed against his neck she held him tight as he worked his two fingers around inside her. When they were both as far inside her as they could reach she felt his palm begin to brush lightly against her clit.
Suddenly she felt her body slip over the edge and her orgasm begin. “Oh my g…that’s it…don’t stop…” she gasped out as wave after wave of passion began to course thru her body. His fingers continued to move in and out of her pussy as she rode the feelings racing thru her. Soon her wobbly legs could no longer hold her up. She felt herself slipping downward even as her hips started thrusting back against the hand pleasuring her. Suddenly the fingers slipped from her pussy as Dennis adjusted his hold and helped her to the floor.
When her ass hit the carpet Dennis helped her slip down until she was flat on her back. As she lay there looking up at him, still gasping for breath, she saw his look of concern change. Her knees were bent with her feet almost touching her ass as he knelt between her spread legs staring down at her almost completely naked body. As his eyes traveled from her face, to her breasts, and then down to stare at her visibly wet pussy, she couldn’t hold back any longer. Sitting up quickly she reached for his shorts and with both hands tugged them down over his hips to the middle of his thighs. Then falling backwards she grabbed his upper arms and pulled him down on top of her.

Suddenly Dennis was lying between her wide spread legs, and only had a moment to stare down at her in surprise and wonder before Cindy reached between them and grabbed his hard dick. She quickly guided it to her waiting pussy. She rubbed it in between her swollen lips, and then with both hands on his ass cheeks she began to pull him into her.
Something in his brain took over and with one thrust Dennis buried himself into her pussy. Both of them gasped as his young balls slapped against her ass cheeks and his pubic hair pressed against her overly sensitive clit. Dennis hesitated only a moment before he pulled back a little and thrust back into her. Suddenly his hips took over and he began thrusting, again and again into her with abandon. Cindy watched as his eyes opened wide, then shut again, only to open wide once more. She had never been the first for a lover before and she beamed with pleasure when she realized that this was his first time.
But this little pleasure was short-lived as her body began to respond with an urgent need of her own. Her hips began to raise up to match his every thrust and breathing came in short gasps as she heard guttural sounds coming from her own mouth. “Uuughh…uuughh…uuughhh…” she knew she was about to climax again and she wrapped her legs around his thighs and thrust upwards for all she was worth. Suddenly it felt like a damn had burst as wave after ward of pleasure raced thru her body. Again and again she thrust upwards to meet his thrusts until the passion finally washed over her and her body began to relax. Finally she lay there quivering, enjoying the last electric traces of her orgasm, as Dennis continued to thrust into her with abandon.
She watched the face of her young lover as she felt his body slam into hers again and again. She had never simply watched someone go thru the throws of passions and it made her wonder what she looked like only moments ago. But as she watched his face start to contort with passion and felt his body begin to tense up suddenly her own body began to respond to again to her own need. As her breathing deepened yet again with pleasure she couldn’t believe she was about have yet another orgasm. She’d never had them back-to-back before. But as her body began to match his thrust for thrust, his whole body stiffened and he thrust into her one last time before holding himself against her. She felt his dick twitch several times within her and she watched as his face went thru a series of odd expressions. When his body finally stopped moving he looked down at her, still trying to catch his breath, and smiled a very awkward smile. But she was not finished yet. Before he could move a muscle she reached down and grabbed his ass with both hands.

“Don’t…pull-out…yet!” she commanded. Slowly she began to rock her hips and press groin up against his. She adjusted her hips until she found just the right spot and continued to her clit into his groin. She felt her body respond as it quivered with each grinding motion. Dennis lay very still as he watched her face. She could see he was studying her facial expressions as she had studied his moments ago. As she continued to grind herself against him, shamelessly, like an animal in heat she almost panicked when she felt him move. But then she realized he was starting to grind back against her. She realized she had automatically dug her fingernails into his ass to hold in place when his own expression changed. She relax her grip when she was sure he wasn’t trying to pull out of her and continued focusing on her pending orgasm. She felt it building and concentrated on making it happen. When she looked back into his eyes she saw that he understood her need and with a look of determination was trying to help.
Out of nowhere a sensation hit her like a ton of bricks. Inside her his dick began to get hard again. She had never felt anything like it before and suddenly he began thrusting into her again and again. That was all it took as her own body responded and again she felt the rush passion begin washing over her body in crashing waves. She cried out as her body shook with energy. Again and again Dennis thrust against her as her body convulsed with passion of its own accord. Shaking her head from side to side and making sounds even she didn’t recognize she succumb to the ocean of pleasure that had become her world. Again and again waves of pleasure washed over her as she eventually found herself lying there quivering in pure ecstasy. Above her Dennis continued to thrust his dick into her wet pussy. His look changed from wonder to lust to feral need. He no longer looked at her with the eyes of the polite young man who was best friends with her own son. His eyes were hungry, eager, and now taking pleasure for themselves. Out of her own haze of passion she realized that he was deep in the grip of need, and was trying to reach his own orgasm now. He had come once already was now trying to again, but it just wasn’t happening fast enough.

Cindy wasn’t exactly sure what to do to help him. Though she was no novice to sex, most of her experience was with men who knew how to find their own pleasure, sometimes at the expense of her own. With the pleasure he had helped her reach tonight she now wanted to help him find it again for himself. She suddenly remembered a scene from her trashy novel. Reaching down she tried to push her hand between them to softly caress his balls. But his thrusts were too urgent and forceful. Then she remembered another part of that scene. Bringing her middle finger to her mouth she licked it until the tip was wet, then she slid her hand down the side of his body until she reached the small of his back. Slowly her hand glided over his ass cheeks and her middle finger down the crack of his ass. When the wet tip reached his asshole she slid it back and forth while applying pressure downward. The look on his face suddenly changed and she knew she had literally hit the right spot. He began to slam his dick into her more forcefully, again and again until he finally thrust into her one final time and then held himself against her. She felt his dick twitching inside her again. Four, five, six times she felt it jerk inside of her as he pressed himself against her as hard as he could. After several moments his body finally stopped quivering and he collapse on top of her, his chest heaving against hers as he fought to catch his breath.

Cindy wrapped her arms around her young lover’s back and just held him until his body went still. They lay there for several minutes, quiet and still, as each contemplating private thoughts. Finally he rose up and looked at her, wonder still playing in his eyes. “Are you alright, Dennis?” she asked as she smiled up at him.
“Yes ma’am, I’m OK. Are…you OK?” he asked her timidly. Cindy looked at the face of the young man who had just given her the more sexual pleasure then she had experienced in a long time.
“I need you to get up please.” She stated. As Dennis quickly pulled out of her and sat back on floor, she involuntarily drew in her breath as his softening dick slipped out of her. The mixture of pot and endorphins had a curious effect on her sense of purpose at the moment. She sat up, stood up and bent to kiss his upturned face. “I’m going to bed now. You know your way around the house, so if there’s anything you need…anything at all…then feel free to help yourself. Goodnight Dennis.” Cindy walked thru her home and to her bedroom in a euphoric state. She slowly climbed into her bed and as she drifted off to sleep she thought about her recent adventure. This was going to be an interesting summer…

sexy story #3

April 7, 2017
Fat dad pt 2 by Daiionce
Fantasy, Exhibitionism, Incest, Male / Older Female
Author’s infos
Gender: male Age: N/A Location: N/A
Posted Fri 20th of July 2012

mom exersizes with son
Fat Dad Pt 2
Part 2 of a series, if you just came across this you need to find part 1
The trip to buy workout clothing was a real eye opener. Mom had changed into some loose fitting shorts and a low cut summer top. She had a bra on that pushed her tits together to show off her cleavage better. We really didn’t have to go out, I had shorts I could, wear but she said I was coming. Mom got in the car just ahead of me and tossed her purse on the floor where my feet were to go. She immediately apologized and bent over to pick it up. I had bent over too and she said no I got it. I looked at her and was looking right at her tits. The top had fallen open and the bra was low enough to show a whole lot. Mom picked up her purse without acknowledging that I had just ogled her tits. She set it on the seat next to her and started the car.

Mom started the conversation by saying that she would be leaving dad when I left for college. That we were mostly living off dads disability and she was putting her paycheck in the bank to pay for my college. That if I stayed home and went to community college, that by the time I graduated she will have saved enough to buy a house outright without a mortgage. I mumbled what about this house. Mom said that dad inherited the house from his parents so she would get none of it. Also that she had already talked to a lawyer who told her that if she could hold on she should, unless she can get dad to file. I guess the court thinks that who ever files for divorce, must already have a plan for what they will do next. So she needed him to file, not on her own. I was really dumb struck, mom took that as reluctance on my part and suggested that if I stayed local, we could keep working out together. I immediately blurted out I would be going to the community college. That brought a smile. We finally pulled up to the mall, mom picked a spot out further than where she normally tries to park and asked me if I’d open her door for her.

I ran around and opened moms door, she slid one leg out spreading her legs open. Then she remembered her purse and turned to get it leaving me an unobstructed view up her loose fitting shorts to some sheer looking panties, her brown muff was clearly visible through them. She looked back totally catching me staring at her crotch, she smirked and said “you do get rewards when you’re helpful, thank you kind sir for opening a ladies door for her” I mumbled my god yes.

We spent about 30 seconds looking for shorts for me then went to the ladies section. Mom pulled out all sorts of revealing work out outfits finally settling on a couple of sets that are bottoms only. She said they would go with her sports bras. Then we went to the exercise equipment and got a multi type exercise thing that lets you do curling, rowing, incline sit ups, all sorts of stuff. All on “her” plastic. Oh yea, she got a little spray bottle.

At home dad was demanding food so mom started Mac an cheese while I put up the new equipment. Mom came down wearing her sweats and carrying that spray bottle about the time I came back down with the new shorts and a t shirt. Mom told me to take off my shirt. As I did she locked eyes with me and pulled down her sweat pants. She was wearing her new workout bottoms, I could clearly make out the white lines of her bikini panties. Mom kept looking at me and pulled off her sweatshirt. Now I gasped, she had on a white sports bra! This thing showed off her large brown nipples in beautiful detail. Mom looked down at her own tits and asked “it’s not too revealing is it?” I was able to whisper “no its beautiful”.

I tried the rowing and was so turned on I rowed till I had a sheen of sweat showing, mom said she wanted to try that too. We put it to a lower setting, mom got on and looked down at her huge brown nipples poking out her thin white sports bra and commented that by the time she was ready to start looking that I would have her in great shape. Mom worked for a while, I could tell she was getting tired and she looked frustrated. She looked around and said she was getting hot, she wanted the spray bottle. I grabbed it from the bar top where she’d put it. She said “spray me” I spritzed her back. She said “my front” I did, then she said “more” I started spraying her chest and moms bra went transparent. When I got both nipples visible she smiled and said that’s good. Mom rowed, I stared.

I was ready to go off in my shorts already, mom quit rowing and slid down on the bench she was on and laid down with her nipples openly on display. The evaporating water had her nipples jutting up against the cotton bra. Mom looked over at me and asked “do you like mommies breasts?” I nodded yes. “Then would you like to see more”? Again I nodded yes. Mom lifted up her bra letting her breast flop free. It immediately hung down off her side with gravity having taken over. We both instinctively reached to catch it, when she realized I was reaching for it she pulled her hand away and smiled. I picked it up and brought it to my mouth. Pointed her big meaty nipple at my mouth with her nipple standing out almost half an inch and sucked it in. Mom cooed, I started hunching my hips, I was so close I knew it wasn’t going to take long. Mom reached down and pulled my shorts over my cock and down. She just began to wrap her cool feeling fingers around my shaft when I started throbbing it off.

Mom pointed my cock at her side and I started shooting onto the side of her sports bra and on her forearm. When I finished I had come dripping off the side of her breast that I was sucking on plus her bra and her arm. Mom looked at me and pulled up her bra the rest of the way to show off both her tits. She sat up and wrapped her arm around her chest to wipe my sperm load off on her breasts. She then scooped at the load clinging to the side of her bra and rubbed it on a nipple.
She smiled at me and told me that as long as I worked her to where she was sweating naturally then she would make sure to “take care of me too” this way she will get in shape for sure.

That ended our work out session for the day but changed every thing else in my life. From that point forward mom became more forward with her flirting language around the house. It was infuriating my dad but all he would do was eat and drink more. Mom would also bend over while wearing a top that would fall forward showing off her cleavage or hike up a dress to work with a shoe showing off her panties. She would do all this just out of sight of dad who was usually sitting in the living room eating and watching TV. One night dad started screaming at her about her language, that I was her kid and she should try talking to him the way she talks to me. Mom stood right behind dad and grabbed the hem of the skirt she was wearing. Right while she was talking to him she grabbed the back of the dress and flipped it up to show me her panty covered ass. Thing is dad saw that in the reflection in the window and started screaming at her. He told her to take it up stairs if she was gonna slut herself off in front of her son. Not all around the house for everyone to see.

Well that got uncomfortable enough for me that I escaped upstairs to the relative safety of my bedroom. Dad was so fat now he rarely made the trip upstairs any more. I was in my room and heard mom walk up the stairs. Hoping to have something happen since dad had obviously pissed her off I started stripping. I’d never been able to fuck her yet although she had been getting me off almost daily now since that first time almost a month earlier. And yes we were really working out a lot, the sex started after a good workout session. Mom walked past my room to their room, even though dad pretty much sleeps in the living room now since he can’t do the stairs. I got naked and got into bed. I heard mom coming back and she knocked while walking in on me. She was wearing a open robe with a sheer nightie underneath. I was looking at her naked breasts under a transparent top and the brown triangle of hair covering her pussy, no sign of panties at all!

Mom said “we should be safe up here” and came and sat down next to me on the bed. She started saying that she was really going to have to be more careful around dad since she didn’t want to give him any good cause for divorce that would make her look bad. I really didn’t want any of this to stop so I blurted out that he’d have to have pictures as proof since I would never admit to anything. That if we both denied everything we could make him look like he’s delusional as well as fat and disgusting. The look on moms face was a combination of lust, shock and god only knows what else. She stood up and pulled her nightie up to her neck showing me her naked breasts and pussy. She then sat back down on the bed after throwing the covers off finding me naked and hard. Mom asked me if there was anything that her little boy wanted to do with his mom? I told her I wanted her to show me how to suck a woman’s pussy. Moms face said yes but she told me no, that this would be going too far. But maybe I would like to suckle on mommies breasts? All while leaning forward to let a nipple hang down to my mouth. I immediately opened my mouth and felt her hand wrapping around my cock. I knew that I wasn’t going to last long but I had the feeling that this was just revenge for her against dad and all she wanted was to get me off.

I was sucking on moms nipple when I heard dad start yelling about what the hell were we doing up there. God no! He was making the sounds he makes when he’s trying to get up out of the chair! I started pumping into moms hand and mom reacted by slowing it down like she was going to stop because dad was coming. I was thinking with my dick now and just wanted to get off. I was trying to pump into moms hand and she just let go. I strained a cry of “please” and I could see moms head turned to listen for dad. He was on his second oommph of trying to stand, it usually takes three for him to get up. She grabbed my cock and looked at me telling me to stay still. I froze, mom started slowly jacking my cock. We heard the thuds of dads feet coming through the living room towards the stairway. Mom started shifting over so that she was laying more on top of me. Mom kept jacking my cock while she straddled over me. It felt like she might be lining up to impale her self on my cock so I started pushing more to try to get there. Mom tilted my cock up wards towards her pussy and I felt the head of my dick rub against her brown curly muff. I heard dads feet thumping to the bottom of the stairs.

I was there! Mom felt it. Just as I was about to cum mom slid her hand to the base of my cock and pressed down hard, inside my ball sack. What the fuck? She somehow made me hold off coming! I was trying to squirt but she was holding it back, while rubbing the head of my cock in her hairy muff. Dads first foot hit a step, there are 6 steps up to the upper part of our tri level. Mom rubbed my cock head through her hair and down over her wet slit. I felt some part of my orgasm building in my head while my toes were starting to throb, but it was held off by moms fingers pressing down at the base of my cock. Dads second foot hit another step, he was actually coming up the stairs! Mom drug my cock back up to her belly and let go of the base. I started shooting, I could feel my load firing off with force I’d never felt before. My sperm actually made a sound as it hit moms sagging breasts. I lost my hearing, all I could feel was the throbbing of my cock as I went off. Time was almost standing still for me because of the panic from my dad coming. I counted 8 shots of load that I fired off full force onto moms belly and tits. It was splattering and dripping onto my chest. My hearing came back after the 8th full force squirt. Dad was in the hallway! Maybe four and a half feet from my door. I heard his hand hit the wall to steady himself after the exertion of climbing the stairs.

Mom stood up, her nightie was tucked under her chin, still naked to my eyes with my sperm splatter all over the bottom of her tits and belly. She flipped the covers back over me while my cock was still letting out the last dribbles of cum. While doing that she gave a twist and her heavy breasts swung back and forth on her chest spreading my load across her skin showing s shiny wet sheen while she used her hand to massage my sperm into her lower belly where her breasts didn’t reach. She tilted her head up letting her night gown fall down. Put her hand under my covers to wipe my sperm off her hand and closed her robe finishing tying it just as dads hand hit the door knob. Mom spun and sat as dad opened the door. Dad saw nothing. Dad came in breathing hard and screaming about what the hell are you doing in her with your son. Mom said nothing at first. Dad was purple in the face with rage yelling that he was her husband and she should be dressing like that for him, not in front of our kid. Mom finally opened her guns, almost politely she asked “do you want to have sex with me?” Dad was shocked quiet. Mom walked to the end of the bed, with her robe closed dad had no way of seeing that her breasts and tummy were coated with my sperm. Mom dropped to her hands and knees in front of dad, she reached back and flipped up both her robe and night gown. I could see a side view of moms bare ass pointing at dad. Then I saw her ass lower some as she spread her legs baring a clear view to my dad of her hairy slit. With her robe closed there was no way for any of my load to drip to the floor.

Dad was shocked speechless. Mom quietly said “if you want it, here it is, just go ahead and put it in. I’m sure Alex will leave the room if you can get it in.”
Oh my god I realized that with dads sagging belly he’d have to have a three foot dick to get maybe two inches into her. Dad groaned, “you know I can’t do it that way, you have to help” that’s when moms voice got loud and mean. That is when she yelled at him that he couldn’t do it in any position. That he’d made his choice when he took food and drink over his family, his health and his career. The only way he can have sex is if she does it all for him and by god if she’s going to have to work that hard at sex it isn’t going to be with someone who loves food and beer more then family, sex, work or life itself. She even finished by saying that the only fuck he was going to get was if he could fuck himself and by god she thought he was too fat to even reach it himself. Dad screamed that this was his house and she could get the fuck out. Mom retorted with then divorce me.

sexy story #2

April 7, 2017
My buddies Mom by iamscrwd
True Story, Consensual Sex, Cum Swallowing, Male / Older Female, Oral Sex, Teen Male / Female
Author’s infos
Gender: female Age: N/A Location: N/A
Posted Fri 25th of May 2012

Given to a friend to post
This is about Russell’s Mom.

To start with, my name is Jay and my best buddy for most of my life has been Russell and this is about my 18th birthday. Well at least the celebration of it the weekend following my 18th birthday. As I was still in High School had to wait until the following weekend to whoop it up and that is just what Russell and I had planned.

So early Friday evening I drove over to Russell’s house to pick him up with plans for both of us to head up to my parents cabin for the weekend that was close to a small country bumpkin college town inundated with plenty of hot co-eds. Granted Russell and I were still in High School, but both of us being of larger stature, we could pass for college kids. Even though Russell was just a young pup of 17.

Arriving at the Wagner’s home to pick up Russell, I was met at the door by Lori. Lori is Russell’s 16-year-old sister that goes to the same school as we do. Lori is a very hot looking chick, and she knows it, teasing any swinging dick she comes across. She also has an antagonizing habit of putting me on the spot with her questions that should be private.

Lori of course was dressed to the nines waiting to go out on a date. She was wearing a slinky mid thigh length, low cut dress that accentuated her youthful figure. She had yet to fill out her chest, but still managed to have a cleavage with the help of a push up bra. Her legs were absolutely perfect though; from toes to thighs it appeared that they were off a well-formed mannequin.

Me being me, of course I tried to visualize what she looked like under her clothes. It helped as Russell and I a few months ago, were tasked to run to the local under garment boutique for Lori and Mrs. Wagner, to pick up a few items for them. Mrs. Wagner gave us instructions to give a certain attendant a card with Mrs. Wagner’s and Lori’s critical measurements in which the attendant could confirm the proper item was shipped. Of course we had to look at the card. It showed Lori being 5’3” to 5’4’ tall, weighing 110 lbs, with measurements of 34-22-34 and specified large A/small B cup. Now Mrs. Wagner’s critical measurements were 5’7’ to 5’71/2”, 135 lb, and having a 36-26-37 figure specifying a full C cup (nice to know, even though she was older, I did have more than one self induced orgasm thinking of her).

So, with me thinking about whether or not Lori had graduated all the way to B cup status, she led me into the kitchen and told me to sit at the table. After I took my chair, Lori went to the other side and before sitting down herself; she bent over the table pushing a bowl of fruit towards me. This allowed a full view of her chest right down to her belly. Ok, she had made it past the teacup size but was not yet up to cereal bowl size. What I did pick up on were the 1/3 visible rounds of her areola’s above her push up bra. My staring it did not get lost on her as she woke me up out of trance by saying:

“Hey idiot, those tits are jail bait now that you are 18 years-old”

I stammered, ”Ah…what?” as she sat down across from me.

Taking full advantage of my condition she continued, “too bad we did not hook up a few days ago, you might have had an opportunity to get a touch of my tits, maybe I would have even let you kiss them. Maybe I would have even allowed you to fuck me, maybe.”

By now my dick was harder than granite with the thoughts of what she just said swirling in my mind. Along with my mind’s eye painting a picture of Lori’s nude body spread out in front of me.

“Hey dickhead, get your mind out of the gutter” Lori shouted.

With that she pulled one of her tits out of the top of her dress, exposing an exceptionally large nipple and areola. She looked at me an said,” yep, too bad, you might have been able to have this” and then pushed it back in place.

She leaned on her elbow and said, “ from now on seems as though you will have to go after older women…or just old women.” She said with a laugh, “ maybe my Mom’s got some friends you could hook up with”.

Apparently from the expression on my face, Lori came back with. “What you think my Mom’s too old, not good looking enough?”

I relied, “ no, not at all, she is great looking for someone in their late 30’s”.

To which Lori responded, “ will you admit she is hot?”

“Absolutely”, I came back hoping Lori would drop it.

“Oh yeah, would you fuck her if you had the chance?” Lori shocked me again.

Not knowing what to say, I just shrugged my shoulders.

To which Lori responded, “ I can visualize your little dick trying to fuck Mom’s pussy, turns you on doesn’t?” She waited a second to let it sink in, then asked, “Answer me, you would, wouldn’t you? You are probably so horny right now that if you touched your dick it would explode thinking about my Mom.”

I blurted out, “yes, yes I would…your Mom is one hot 38ish woman, thank God she is married and looks at me as just kid.”

“40” Lori said. “ My Mom’s 40, now how do you feel?”

To be honest, at this point it did not matter, in fact it turned me on even more especially with the knowledge it would never happen.

“Well Jay, here is the scoop” Lori matter of fact stated, “ Russell left with my Dad this afternoon and will not be back till late Sunday or possibly early Monday. Fortunately, you might have a chance to get into my Mom’s pants because you are now elected to escort my Mom to a banquet tonight. Of course the fucking thing will just be a chance in a million with Mom, but if you take her, I promise that some day you will be able to put your little dick in this.”

With that Lori stood up and pulled the front of her dress up exposing her pussy to me, spreading the lightly haired lips allowing me to see the moist inner folds of her cunt.

You will take her, will you not?” Lori aked.

Again I stammered, “Yes, absolutely…when?”

“When what?”

“When can I fuck you?”

“We will discuss this after, remember that I am now jail bait”. She said. Then walked up to me and wiped her cunt juice covered finger across my lips.

Lori turned and yelled up the stairs, “ Mom, Jay will be glad to take you tonight. I’ll get him into Dad’s tux since they are about the same size.” She turned to me and said, “come on, have to get you ready quickly, my date will be here within an hour.”

Lori led me into the guest room, where a tuxedo was laid out on the bed.

She said, “hurry up, we do not have all day…strip. Do not be a sissy, you are going to need help, so strip.”

I quickly stripped down to my briefs, to which Lori laughed, “ you have got to be kidding, little boy underwear?”

She walked up to me and in one hard yank, ripped my shorts right off of me.

Looking at my dick, Lori said, “heck Jay, would never have realized it, but you have at least a normal size cock, I am surprised. Good size balls too, think you will have to go commando tonight just in case Mom gets a chance to cop a feel”.

I started to protest, but Lori grabbed my scrotum and said. “Quit being a baby”.

With that I completed dressing in the tux with Lori tying the bow tie, slapping some after-shave on me, and then handing me a Rolex to put on my wrist. Standing in front of the mirror, I do say that I was transformed in to a young good looking cosmopolitan stud.

Lori guided me out to the living room just in time for Mrs. Wagner to enter

She was stunning! Her black hair pulled tight into a ponytail on one side, yet framing a sophisticated gorgeous face with perfect makeup accentuated by bright red lipstick. Her black bare back satin dress had a deep V in front that opened to half way between her semi-exposed full breasts and her belly button where a thin rope of material acted as a belt with the long leads set off to one side. The dress culminated about mid-calf with a slit extending up the side of her right leg to just below her hip. Her four inch stiletto high heals accentuated her long shapely legs and when she moved the slit exposed just a hint of her lower right ass cheek. As she moved her breasts swung unencumbered yet firmly within the small confines of the loose silky fabric which must have been rubbing just ever so on her nipples as you could make them out through the cloth when her movements pulled the top of her dress to her body.

Mrs. Wagner walked right up to me, taking my hands and placing them on her hips, then placing her hands on my shoulders. Her smell was exquisite, almost closing my eyes as I breathed in the scent. It was as if I was in a different world, but I could feel every hair on my body standing up on their own as if being pulled from the outside by a magnetic force being emitted by her body, wanting to draw my whole body to hers.

Mrs. Wagner asked, “ Well Jay, what do you think? I hope that you will not be embarrassed by escorting and older woman like myself.”

I coughed, almost choking, “ Mrs. Wagn…”

She put a finger to my mouth and said, “From now on, please just call me Rachel, so what do you think?”

Trying to get our the right words I said, “Rachel, you are absolutely beautiful and am not only honored to be your date, I am totally at your service.”

She leaned towards me and said, “ let us hope you do not regret that”. And placed her luscious lips against mine, with her hand moving to the back of my head to pull me tighter. Our mouths slowly opened as I felt her tongue work it’s way into my mouth. I fully accepted her tongue alternately sucking it and then probing the inside of her mouth with mine. I slowly moved my right hand up her body from her hip stopping just below her left breast, it soft weight could be felt on the top of my hand. She never faltered, moving her right hand down the front of my body until she reached my belt.

Then Lori coughed loud, telling us, “Ok guys, break it up, you have all night.”

That broke our embrace, but as we separated Rachel allowed her hand to slightly brush my cock through the front of my pants. This stopped her momentarily, kind of an expression of surprise on her face, then a slight smirk as she turned away. I do not know if this was because she discovered that I was not wearing underwear or because my dick was hard enough to pound nails, never the less the front of my trouser stood out quite a bit.

Lori looked at my crotch then looked at my face and quietly said to me, “ you just might get the chance.”

The doorbell rang and Lori’s date arrived. I immediately recognized him as one of the detectives on the local sheriff department. He had to be at least 25 years old. Lori caught my expression and lifted her finger to her lips in a shushing motion.

It seemed strange that she tells me that she is jailbait to me, but going on a date with a cop.

Mrs. Wagner…err, I mean Rachel, and I arrived at the banquet, a very formal affair set up for some fundraiser pertaining to some Women’s organization. The place was filled with women ranging from early twenties to well over retirement age. It was quite evident that what men were there, had to have been dragged or bribed to go as they mostly congregated around the bar in the back of the ballroom.

Me on the other hand, well let me put it this way. Rachel strutted me around like she was showing off the crown jewels. She introduced me to young and old, good looking and some that would scare a locomotive backwards, as HER date. I could tell from her animated gestures that she was really getting into it. She then located a group of specific women and headed towards their location, whispering in my ear to play along with what she was going to tell them and she was going to make them jealous.

There were four women there, the youngest maybe thirty, the oldest no more than early forties. All had huge wedding rings on and all were dressed to kill, showing off each of their best assets. Rachel introduced me to each one, not only by my name, but also as her personal escort for the weekend. From the raised eyebrows amongst them, this definitely ignited their interest.

One of them, named Mary, who was about the same age as Rachel, leaned towards us and asked, “Rachel you aren’t…uhmm, doing him are you? He can’t be much over twenty one or so.”

Rachel just winked and then confirmed, “Need a young one once and awhile so they can keep up with me” as she squeezed my hand.

Jan, the oldest and apparent boldest of the group, looked both ways and stepped right in front of me grabbing my package hard through my pants. Squeezing my gonads and with a smirk said, “boy, I hope that Rachel is paying you big for these things” as she rolled both my testicles with force. It happened so fast that I did not have time to react and when I did, all I could do was turn red from embarrassment.

Rachel immediately responded, “ Jan, he is not that way, not even close, he is here on his own free will.”

Jan immediately let go, looked at me and apologized. Then said, “well boy, if you ever did need some compensation, feel free to find me. They definitely felt good to me!” She took a card out of her bodice and slid it into the waist of my trousers, then walked away.

The other three, Mary, Janet, and Sue all looked like they were drawing pictures in the sand with their toes. They must have had the wrong impression too.

Janet, a strikingly beautiful longhaired blond in her mid thirties, finally broke the uncomfortable silence and told Rachel, “I for one am jealous. Rachel, if I could or if I would have the nerve to walk in public with a young stud like this, I would be in seventh heaven”

Both Mary and Sue, a forty-ish thin and tall light skinned black woman, concurred thanking Rachel for introducing us and then joined the party.

To be honest, I was very much enjoying this, the implication of being a gigolo and stud status. Rachel cruised the floor while I strutted like a rooster at her side and as we sampled more and more of the champagne our motions became not only more fluid, but also the incidental contact became more personal and natural. More than once Rachel had placed her arm around my back taking care to slowly rub her hand across my ass cheeks and more than once she would lift my hand from her waist to the bottom of which ever tit was opposite the side of her I was on.

At dinner, with her sitting next to me, she had even placed her hand on my inner thigh then slowly slid her hand along my thigh until she had a handful of my balls, working them between her fingers and palm. She leaned towards me and biting her lower lip, she let out, “gawd, these feel good, damn I want them.” I knew then that I was going to win that one in million chance tonight…provided I did not blow it by doing something stupid.

After dinner we hit the dance floor, making sure that we managed to grope as much of each other as we could along with grinding our bodies together with the sway’s of the music. I had a perpetual hard on and my dick seemed as though it was trying to grow out of its skin. I had this animalistic feeling that I wanted to bend this woman backwards over a table and fuck her harder than any woman has been fucked in the history of man. Of course my fucking history was mostly written on my hand and had only managed to fuck one girl (my cousin of all things) twice, so you have to keep my urges in the proper context.

Then Jan broke in, kind of politely, but almost pushing Rachel away saying, “ok, let’s go big boy”. I thought she was going to crush me and with her being pretty short, my hard on was against her stomach with my cock head almost against her ample tits.

She noticed too, saying, “I can see you are happy to see me!” as she rubbed her body in an oscillating motion against my staining cock. She then reached between us with one hand, grasping the shaft of my cock through my dress trousers, looking up at me as she stroked up and down.
With my heightened sense of arousal from thinking about Rachel, and Jan’s superb handling of my cock, I thought that in moments it would be the most embarrassing minutes of my life.

But right before that happened, I was saved by Sue. She stepped in, pretty much pushing Jan aside and saying, “ don’t worry Jay, I’ll save you. Jan wanted to waste your load so Rachel wouldn’t get it, I’ll give you time to settle down”. We finished the dance with out any hanky-panky as my cock went back into stand by, but it was very obvious to me that my balls were really working overtime producing unused man gunk.

As I went back to the table, Sue whispered in my ear, “saved you tonight, but you owe me and I will fuck you silly” and with that she gave me a kiss on the cheek then moved off to join the festivities.

Rachel and I danced one last dance, and of course we both got aroused again with Rachel cupping my balls and telling me, “ we better get out of here before these explode!”

I do not think that I had even managed to get the car on the street before Rachel reached over and in a couple of moves had my pants open with my rock hard cock in her hand. She kneeled on the seat and told me to move the drivers seat all the way back as she then lowered her warm moist mouth around the head of my cock. My right hand moved across her exposed back sliding easily under the back of her dress. I could feel that she had thong underwear on as I lifted the string, moving my hand between the cheeks of her ass, with my fingers slowly probing to her anus, hesitating there for a minute then working my fingers to her cunt. She was absolutely soaked; her pussy was not only wet, but also radiating heat as if it was a furnace. The other sensation was the absence of pubic hair, as I could not feel any.

Slowly I moved my fingers into her gash, finding her tunnel to paradise and moving first one, then two, and then three fingers in and out. She started to co-ordinate her mouth moving up and down my cock with my fingers moving in and out of her pussy. Her mouth was working my cock in a way that made me want to scream and forcing me to hold back as I struggled to keep the car going in one direction. It was to no avail, as Rachel bucked hard against my hand, obviously having an orgasm, she bit down hard against the base of my shaft, the head of my cock well past the back of her throat. My balls contracted, forcing my cum into its journey through my penis and into Rachel’s throat. This was the first time I was the recipient of a blowjob and all my fantasies were not even close to that actual experience. My cock unleashed not one, not two, not three, but multiple ejaculations of my pent up seed. Rachel sucked in rhythm with each pulse until the last drop cascaded from the end of my dick.

She pushed up from my dick smiling at me with driblets of my cum rolling down to her chin from the corners of her mouth. She moved towards me planting her lips on mine pushing her cum covered tongue deep into my throat. Managing to get the car to the side of the road, I returned her embrace thinking only momentarily about that being my cum in her mouth. In fact I became more aggressive in my kiss, cleaning her entire mouth out with my tongue. We must have held our embrace for a good fifteen minutes until Rachel sat back in her seat, straightening out her dress.

I started to pull up my pants, but Rachel stopped me, reaching her hand over and taking my semi flaccid cock into her hand. She kind of played with it and said, “let’s keep this guy out until we get home” as she beautifully smiled at me.

The hour drive back to Rachel’s house after the first episode started by relaxing and enjoying the feeling of Rachel’s hand as she manipulated my cock, then my hand worked its way over to Rachel’s chest. She moved close enough to me that I was able free one of her tits. My God, it was a beautiful tit, perfectly formed with a ¼” hard nipple poised in the middle of silver dollar areola, the flesh of her tit soft, smooth, yet firm. Her tit barely sagged even though it was as big as half a large coconut.

Within a half hour, my cock was rock hard again and our movements gained more momentum. But Rachel held off just enough that I maintained my composure through the rest of the drive.

We barely managed to stop the car in the driveway as we both had the doors open and headed for the front door of the house. One of my shoes never made it out of the car, the other in the middle of the driveway, my pants almost stayed on until the front porch where I walked out of them, my cock swinging to and fro. Rachel never bothered to put her right tit back into her dress, like the goddess of Venus her tit proudly protruding for all to see in front of her. She lost both her high heals half way up the walk, her thong underwear crumpled up on the last step leading into the house. My coat somewhere thrown on the lawn, the last vestiges of my clothing ripped off at the threshold as Rachel pulled her dress over her head and then threw the dress off to her side turning towards me as crossed the threshold into her arms.

In the flash of a moment I saw Rachel in her full glory, beautiful face, firm large tits, flat stomach, a sliver of dark hair almost pointing to the top of her cunt.

We embraced hard, locking our mouths together, exploring each other’s mouths with our tongues as I lowered her back first to the floor right inside the open front door.

In what seemed like a seamless movement her legs opened and the head of my cock located the entrance of her wet, hot vaginal opening. It was impossible to stop the momentum, my cock head moving past her initial resistance, and then slowly plunging into the warmth of my goddesses cavern.

We never broke our embrace and our hips started co-coordinating with our thrusts, the feeling of my cock in the silky, wet warmness of her cunt, her vagina grasping my shaft in rhythm to my cocks in and out movement, her hard nipples pushed against my bare chest by her firm breasts. She reached around me pulling my body into her, her gorgeous legs wrapping around me. We thrust and thrust, our tempo ever increasing until at almost a planned synchronized second, Rachel pushed her head back moaned loudly as I felt a trembling through her body and uncoordinated bucking movements that drove my cock even further into her womb. Just then, my orgasm came with a bull rush and without control my hips drove my cock to the back of her womb, feeling as if the end of my dick had penetrated another room, pushing open a stuck door. My cock unleashed a powerful pulse of my seed filling that hidden room within the secret confines of my lover’s deepest channels. I came, and came again, each time Rachel meeting the pulse with one of her own.

Within a few minutes, we were both played out, lying together with my cock slowly withdrawing from Rachel’s pussy. We embraced again, for a few minutes as we rolled side by side. Then looked into each other’s eyes and if by a common command both of us said, “that was fantastic” at exactly the same time.

Rachel was the first to stand up, standing above me to close the front door; I had a view from the bottom to the top. She had a shaved pussy, now with her inner lips hyper extended and her vagina open from my cock having stretching it. There was a rivulet of liquid running down her inner thigh and a glob of my semen starting to drip from her opening. She looked down past her beautiful full tits, her nipples and areolas contracted and soft from her orgasm.

She smiled at me, asking if I liked what I saw. Of course I responded with “yes, I am looking at heaven.”

Reaching down she grabbed my hand saying, “ok stud, let’s go” as I stood up and followed her to her bedroom.


April 7, 2017
Piss Whores in Training: Taking Karissa For A Stroll by Kathrin
Fiction, Anal, BDSM, Domination/submission, Erotica, Female Domination, Female/Female, Job/Place-of-work, Lesbian, Threesome, Water Sports/Pissing, Written by women
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Gender: N/A Age: N/A Location: N/A
Posted 5 hours ago

Some girls are so much into water sports, they will take a sip at any chance they get. Add to that a complete submissiveness and willingness to do anything she’s told, and you have Karissa.
Sometimes, when you’re a dominant lesbian with a distinctively kinky side, you’ll meet girls that absolutely love to be used, abused and taken advantage of. Now, most girls have a submissive side, so it’s not hard to find a lover who likes to get told what to do, but it takes a special kind of girl to devote herself and her body so entirely to you that she would let you use her, abuse her, do every depraved thing you tell her to willingly and eagerly and still ask for more, beg for more, while already soaked in body fluids from head to toe with every orifice raw and sore. One such girl was Karissa.

I woke up one morning with her and another girl next to me, who I had met at a party the night before. I don’t even remember the other girl’s name, and I doubt I ever got formally introduced to her to begin with. Karissa I remember, she was a friend of a friend of a lover and was just out for a good time. She’s a slim petite with long black hair, a cute round face and blue eyes, a few inches shorter than me and, of course, much thinner, but not too thin for my tastes, with some nice womanly curves and a cute set of large-B/small-C cup breasts, which I got to explore all throughout the night. She’s about 10 years younger than me, maybe in her mid-20s, and absolutely submissive, with a kinky side I had only scratched the surface of the night before.

The other girl was a brunette, a bit taller and older than Karissa, with a layered haircut that was all messy as she lay there in my bed in the morning. She had a long face, but sweet wide lips and the prettiest teeth I’ve ever seen. Her breasts, now underneath the sheets, were nice and full and heavy as far as I remembered. She had joined us, mainly out of curiosity, and was a little embarrassed and reluctant throughout the whole night as this was clearly her first “bi-curious” experiment. She didn’t complain when Karissa ate her out, though, and seemed to enjoy watching us. Well, except the things we did in the bathroom, as we had a feeling that she might be too vanilla to appreciate our kinky side when we both found out that we each really, really loved all things pee.

Karissa stirred as I sat up, groaning, still half-asleep, while the other girl wasn’t moving. I stretched, feeling refreshed and already slightly horny, thinking back on the night before. I was in one of those moods when you’re awake, but too lazy to get up, unless something would really require you to, and since it was the weekend and I didn’t have to go to work, nothing urgently required me to, other than my bladder. I considered a moment just staying in bed and peeing on myself, as I sometimes do when I’m alone, lazy, horny and don’t care, just wanting to feel that warm, wet feeling between my legs, and the relief. Then I got a better idea.

I moved, slowly, straddling Karissa’s head next to me. I was wearing a short, yellow nightie that just pushed up around my waist as I spread my legs, revealing my ginger-haired crotch and glistening labia. She moved her head, still not opening her eyes, but since the night before she begged me to use her in every way I would want, I was planning on putting it to the test and see if it still applied. Slowly, drops of pee trickled down my slit and onto her face, hitting her cheeks. She moaned, then parted her lips slightly. I don’t know if she was aware of what happened, or if it was just a reflex, and I really didn’t care. I relaxed my bladder more, and a small stream hit her mouth. She coughed, sputtered for a moment, looking up at me, then just quickly opened her mouth wide, letting me fill it with piss.

I peed slowly, giving her time to swallow it, making sure not a whole lot ran down onto the sheets. I lowered my crotch more and more down on her face, until my hairy snatch was pressed right on her luscious lips, pissing right into her mouth. She swallowed it all, and then almost looked sad when I was done. I smiled, and rolled over, laying down next to her, still too lazy to get up. Her hand moved between my legs, and she began to rub my now soaked pussy, at the same time kissing me with the taste of my urine still on her lips. I lay back and just let her please me, until I woke the other girl with my moans as I came. She barely noticed us and got up, stumbling to the bathroom. We giggled, feeling naughty for having already had sex right next to her. Finally, I also got up and made a little breakfast.

When the girl returned from the bathroom, we sat down at my kitchen table and had some toast and coffee, while it was Karissa’s turn to go, freshening herself and doing the things girls do in the morning. I didn’t speak much at breakfast, as our friend turned out to be still embarrassed and really quite boring as a conversationalist. I smiled, as Karissa returned and joined us, standing by the table for a moment, then suddenly dropping to her knees and crawling under it. “What’s she doing?” the other girl asked. I shrugged. “Getting breakfast, I guess,” I replied, already aware of her plans. Moments later, the girl realized what it meant when she felt Karissa’s tongue between her legs, slowly working her way up to the moist centre of her sex.

Across the table, I acted like nothing was happening, watching the expression on the woman’s face turn from surprise, to embarrassment, to shame, to relaxation, enjoyment, and bliss. I slipped off my sandals and began feeling with my feet underneath the table, finding Karissa’s legs soon and tracing them back up to her butt. My toes ran across her soft, round cheeks and down her crack, my big toe finding its way deep inside to her anus. Playfully, I began to rub it while my other foot caressed her buttocks.

I might’ve entered her, but it was hard to tell as she had her mouth full of pussy and wouldn’t moan much over the munching noises she made. Her anus was tight and dry, so it was hard getting inside, but I played with it anyway. If she wanted to serve me, she would need to get used to have her ass played with.

Karissa wouldn’t stop until the other woman was satisfied, sitting panting and sweating in her chair. Soon thereafter, she excused herself, as she was probably already missed by her dear husband who no doubt had no clue about his cunt-whoring wife. We finished breakfast with Karissa still on the floor and me feeding her toast, laced with pussy slime, which I gathered from my snatch with a spoon. She ate eagerly, then sucked some jelly off my labia, pubes and nipples that I smeared on there with my fingers.

Once we were both fed and she had licked me clean, I began to think what I would want to do. The young girl seemed to want to stick with me today, so I got determined to put her devotion to a test and see how deep she would let herself be degraded. I’m not a cruel, sadistic domme, so I may not have the best track record of really breaking someone, but I like to play with humiliation, to see how far a sub’s mind can be bent down. So, if you expect corporal punishment and violence, you might want to go to a different mistress; I’m a lover, not a fighter.

We got dressed. I put on a really cool tight green body suit that made me look 10 pounds thinner and gave my boobs a sweet shape, faintly showing nipples and areolae when I’m not wearing a bra. Over that, just some loose, light, white jogging pants, that were cut low enough for the crotch line of the body suit to peek out. And a wide, bright red flappy hat and my round gold-rimmed sunglasses. It was summer, after all. Karissa had no other clothes than the short black skirt and white bodice she had worn the night before, completed with silver high-heels and a matching purse lined with rhinestones.

We left and just went for a stroll. It was warm, but not beating down yet, and we enjoyed all the eyes following us as I led her down the street. My apartment wasn’t too far from the city center, and so we passed a few boutiques soon on our way. Karissa stopped shortly at one with some bright, colourful summer clothes in the windows and admired them. The shop was called “Dani’s”, and it didn’t look like they would have anything in my size, but I went inside with her anyway, just to let her have a look.

In the shop it was cool and quiet. Karissa took off right away and dove down an aisle of short dresses and mini skirts, squealing with glee. I was greeted by a wide smile from a woman. She was about my age, but much slimmer and a little shorter than me, with brunette hair she wore down to her shoulders in layers, framing a beautiful, delicate face with some of the sweetest lips I’ve ever seen. She certainly had the figure and size to wear everything in the shop and make it look good and I wondered if the short, olive dress with random looking cutouts in all the right places was from here, too. She must be Dani.

“Hello,” she said, as if to confirm my thoughts. “I’m Dani. Can I help you?” I smiled back, pushing my sunglasses up into my hair. “Thanks,” I said. “But I think me and my…” I looked around at Karissa, as she eyed herself in the mirror, holding dresses in front of her. “…me and my girl will just have a look around, I think,” I finished the sentence. “Sure,” she said, still smiling. “Can I offer you anything to drink?” For a second, I was about to answer something naughty, like ‘only if it comes from between your legs’, but then I just shrugged and said: “Ah, thanks. Some water?”

She left and returned shortly with a small bottle. I took a sip and slowly paced down the aisles. I hate water, it always tastes like drinking my own saliva, stale, but many places don’t have much else to offer. Karissa couldn’t decide between a white short dress with lots of pockets, and a black and green striped one with matching socks, while I started to notice the morning coffee looking for a way out. Coffee always takes the quick routes through my body, and so I glanced around as I stepped over to my new “girlfriend”. There were no other customers in the shop at the moment, and Dani seemed occupied and looked out the window, leaving us in peace.

“Hey,” Karissa said when she saw me. “What do you think?” She held up the two dresses. I nodded. “Get down,” I replied, loosening the string that held my pants up. For a moment she looked at me puzzled, but then understood. She got down to her knees, half hidden behind a rack of clothes, and looked up at my crotch as my pants slowly slid down my legs. I pulled aside the thin strip of my body suit that barely covered my pelvis and gingerly parted my labia, which got stuck together from sweat and moisture.

Then I just let it run, slowly, making sure she was able to catch it with her mouth. Dani still didn’t seem to notice anything as Karissa was slurping up the piss running down my slit and legs. She was eager, as before, and drank it down obediently while I enjoyed the sight of her sweet face buried in my hairy crotch, and the relief of emptying my bladder again.

Suddenly, I got startled by a voice. “Can… can I… join?” In the moments I wasn’t looking, Dani had come closer until she could see what was going on. She looked at me embarrassed and her voice was much quieter than before, but she was determined nonetheless. I licked my lips, smiling. “Hmm,” I said. “Giving or receiving?” She blushed and didn’t answer right away, and instead hurriedly closed the door to the shop. “In any capacity you wished,” she said finally as she came close. I smirked and looked down at Karissa, whose mouth was dripping wet from my pussy. She still knelt on the floor, her back straight and chest pushed out, waiting for more. In the dim light, I could see the top of her bodice had a wet, faintly yellow stain.

“Well, my girl is craving pussy,” I said, looking down at Karissa, who nodded eagerly. “So if you feel like it, you could give her a taste of yours.” She hesitated, but Karissa already crawled over between her legs, looking up, and so Dani slowly lifted her skirt. She wore a thin, black thong with some of her pubes showing around the edges, and quickly pushed it down as Karisssa moved closer to her crotch. I could see she was trimmed nicely above her slit, but still full enough to have the mature, feminine look that I love. Karissa, on the other hand, kept herself shaved smooth and clean all over, but she lodged her lips around Dani’s pubes instantly, making little sucking noises, while the shopkeeper closed her eyes and moaned slightly.

“She’s thirsty,” I whispered into Dani’s ears as I stepped behind her, cupping her breasts and twitching her nipples between my thumbs and forefingers through the thin, soft fabric. “So whatever you want to give to her, she’ll drink it.” To affirm her, I opened the water bottle and poured some over her chest and crotch, watching it seep through her dress and run down her legs, where Karissa eagerly licked and sucked it up. “Are… are you sure?” Dani asked uneasily, her eyes moving between me and Kari. We both nodded.

I watched her as she took a deep breath, still blushing slightly, and then let her pussy trickle just barely, holding back as much as she could, embarrassed, but aroused, testing Kari’s reaction. Like before, the girl instantly sucked it up and swallowed, closing her mouth around Dani’s mound and letting her pee run into her throat. That convinced her, and I could hear a thick, wet stream shooting from her cunt into Karissa’s mouth, filling it up until it spurts out the sides as she couldn’t swallow fast enough.

Dani couldn’t hold back and pissed straight into Karissa’s face, covering her eyes and hair before the girl began drinking it again. I watched from the sidelines while the girl got covered more and more, her hair hanging in wet streaks and her top drenched in piss. Finally, Dani was finished, and Kari made sure to lick her clean while I ran my hands down her back. “Mmmh, did that get you hot, pissing on my girl?” I whispered into her ear. Dani swallowed, but didn’t answer. My fingers slid between her buttocks, tracing the path from her sopping pussy to her anus and back again, before they entered her puckered, tight ass.

She squealed, but pushed back, leaning forward against a clothes rack as I probed her with index and middle finger. I squatted down behind her, smiling at Kari between her legs as I worked her ass. Karissa began licking her pussy again, sucking her clit deep into her mouth, making her squirm. I tried to fuck Dani’s ass with my fingers, but couldn’t get very far, as it was still dry and tight. I pulled them back and grabbed her butt cheeks, spreading them hard and wide with both hands as I began to lick slowly across her ass, with my whole tongue.

She tasted musty, and spicy, but not bad, and seemed to enjoy the feeling a lot. I began probing her once more, spitting mouthfuls of saliva on her tight asshole, wetting it as good as I could. Finally, I could get deeper and faster inside her, pushing my fingers all the way inside and pulling them out again. She visibly enjoyed getting fucked into her ass, and so kept spitting on it, wetting it as much as I could, until I placed the neck of the bottle on her anus.

I pushed. The plastic made little cracking noises as it spread her ass wide, while I drilled the bottle up her ass relentlessly. I kept dripping saliva on the edge of her ass while I moved the bottle inside her, going deeper and deeper. It was small, but still thicker than a cock, and spread her ass nicely open, making her feel filled and raw. Dani moaned and panted while I fucked her with the bottle, taking her ass as deep and hard as nothing had done before. Meanwhile, Karissa leaned over to me. We kissed, passionately, I could taste Dani’s cunt on her lips, while Karissa was fucking her pussy with her fingers.

I got rougher, and pulled the bottle all the way out, only to ram it into her gaping ass again, fucking her raw and merciless while Karissa worked her twat with her lips, fingers and tongue. Dani shuddered and buckled, close to cumming. I took the bottle out, screwed the cap off and then finally shoved it deep up her asshole, squeezing it to shoot the rest of the water high up her bowels. That sent her over the edge, and she came, violently, gushing into Karissa’s mouth, before she collapsed onto the floor, now drenched in her juices. She curled up, smiling happily, the bottle still sticking in her ass, while Karissa and me kissed her.

April 6, 2017